Thursday, April 11, 2013

Marie Wintzer Wild Cha

Not long ago I saw something of Marie's that gave me a dose of wanderlust.  Leather in look, it conjured up a Louis Vuitton bag, or a passport case, something dripping with iconic style. 

I've just revisted Marie's site 
and I remembered it all correctly, and though similar, mine in bluer, blacker, and almost has a Velvet Underground song as its title ... 

When I read the words aloud, that word 'sheep' takes me to Australia,  The language, interspersed with french is Marie's characteristic cut up poetry. She plays with words and space, with the chromatics coming forward and receding around the bursts of red.
This piece has a wonderful texture. I can't place it, but it is wonderfully authentic. I love Marie's chop and the paint residue suggests hours in a studio.

As ever, Marie writes in a mysterious language that holds me in its suspense and intrigue. 


  1. Hahahaha, the bag!!! I love that photo, thank you Rebecca :-))
    Such a great blog, lucky lucky me! Thank you thank you....

  2. 'Wild Child', but now that I think of it, was that Lou Reed and not with The Velvet Underground?