Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bernd Reichert's Vispo book 1: pages

I have my VISPO book 1 chapters in a biscuit tin next to my other mail art.  This morning as I walked into the studio I has an impulse to look through the chapters (again).  I do this periodically.  Participating in that exchange was something special and the work I received means different things at different times.  The fact that it's a unit distinguishes it from other mail art for me. It was also where I dipped my toe in to the world of VISPO.
Today I re-discovered Bernd Reichert's chapter, and  I realised I had never reproduced it for others to see! Each of Bernd's chapters was bespoke.  I'm not sure if each chapter looked at a different artist as I didn't see other examples, except for the cover of Matthew Stolte's but mine is an homage to Mike Kelley, I think.  (On page three Bernd writes, ' homage to Mike Kelly', but I suspect it is MIKE KELLEY).
This chapter arrived in March 2012, beautiful and treasured. 

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  1. Rebecca, Bernd Reichert's work looks fab here.

    I too often return to those collab book projects. They produced some great material. As bonus, they were fun (looking back).