Friday, April 5, 2013

Meral Ağar sends photo (thank you) reply

  I sent Meral a postcard for her Istanbul mail art project and in reply she sent me a photo from her own camera. 
I went to Istanbul many years ago and perhaps time has romanticised it. I loved it at the time.  I remember that. I kept all the tickets and memorabilia, intending to use it creatively. Life, travel, family - the moment - meant that I carried around the box of stuff without even looking into it.  The mail art call took me into the box.  Meral's piece creates a mood that is certainly at odds with my memory but that doesn't diminish its impact! Thank you Meral.

 This is what I sent to Istanbul...

Visit Meral's project:


  1. Very nice photo, I like the composition, the light coming in (or leaving...)

  2. Me too, Marie, but It makes me a bit sad.