Thursday, April 18, 2019

A few of my favourite things from Cascadia!

Not sure if Cascadia knows I am pretty in love with night light.  I have lots of pins on pinterest on the theme.  These stamps from Cascadia have arrived at the right home! I'll pin them later!
Another wonderful set of stamps! Is the original drawing Ipad art? I have to admit to not having used a single one of the stamps you've ever sent me because I can't bear to ruin the set… but I love these and think I should share! Bets on whether I will be able to do it...
Meanwhile back in the garden… Zinnas!  I love zinnias. This year I am already sprouting three kinds... but not these, not bespoke Cascadia zinnias! When I lived in Kenya (peace corps) I had a garden and every morning and afternoon I would survey the growth.  My zinnias were rampant and I would pick them and put them on my table, drawing then and just loving the. I will plant them tomorrow…one more job before my next hot cross bun.  

Below is my Cascadia garden that has overwintered and is already coming back vigorously!  Thank you, thank you.  I have been making a bit of mail again so will try to follow through and get it in the post after the long weekend to my mail art friends who bring me such joy!.  

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