Wednesday, April 3, 2019

What did Cascadia have to do to get the post?

Whoop Whoop more stamps from Cascadia.  I spy a few of my tickets too. Look carefully and after you look at them with intent, move on to the newsflash from Cascadia about the inclement weather in Olympia earlier in the year. We had hail the size of peas today and that was enough of a burden for me… imagine having to do tree surgery in order to get your mail… My plants (from seeds I received las year) are up and growing already this season.

 Below is a Cascadia tribute to our some of the mail artists we have lost over the years. I came across some work by Tiziana when reviewing my archive, recently. The paper he's used feels like money.  I received three of each currency and will send two of each off to other mail artists.  I love the thought that they will get weathered and used over the years. What a beautiful thing to receive! Many, many thanks!

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