Monday, April 8, 2019

What are the Trials and Glories of Tractor Driving?

Having been in the garden for 2 1/2 of the past three days, I know what agricultural work is like.  The boy on the envelope I received from Herman Kamphuis is not yet jaded sitting atop his tractor. But let me tell you… caloused hands and feet, sweaty underarms, vermin and living out in the boondocks has its drawbacks.
In Kenya I didn't teach Home Science but Agriculture instead. We didn't have a subject called 'home Science' where I went to school but I reckon it's about bathing properly and how to cook a cake. I certainly needed to bathe well today after spreading manure on the transplanted plants.  Herman's delightful altered cover is the sort of thing any up and coming home scientist would likely emulate. Rub-a-dub-dub.

According to the back of this, this is Herman 'fluting'. We could use Herman and his flute here… one of the things about living on a small holding is that you are always battling vermin.  Today Patrick was prising open roof spaces to see if he could find the source of the scuffling and deal with it so Figgy will be able to sleep when she returns for Easter. I'm sure among Herman's many talents he would lead the rats out with his trusty flute.

As ever, so many ridiculous pointless jobs to do that you're better off making it all up. Fabulous doodles!

This postcard from the past has a wonderful spontaneity and cptures perfectly what it's like to live in a hamlet… I appreciate the sentiments too. 
 Meanwhile this postcard has a lot of things wrong with it.  You don't make peach jam with your feet… that's only for grapes. And Health and Safety would have a picnic with you if you mixed food with bunions! You are absolutely spot on young man.  It is a WOW. 

All those wonders were nestled in a folding envelope.  Do you dream in colour? Do you see pictures in your mind's eye? Are you a peacock?

Many thanks Herman!  It was a super mailing!

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