Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Sticker Dude - Celebrating 40 years of Ragged Edge Press

Thomas Kerr's image of a press to celebrate 40 years suggests a workhorse and (for me) something verging on onerous.  For Joel I suspect it is a labour of love that has given him yearsof joy.  In comparing the making of art to other things we associate with ecstasy he says it all. That and stamps with James Stewart, Aurora Australis and Fulbright Scholarships put Joel's mail art into the stellar category. 

And the stuff in this mailing is another feast of ideas. 

This testimonial from one of  Joel's partners in creation, Thomas Kerr, is a must read if you don't know about the magic of Joel's work. I can concur with all that Thomas says.
an add and pass from Joel. Great stuff!

… perhaps there's a book...

the 40th Anniversary backstory is wonderful. I can hear the whirring press and imagine Joel's enthusiastic supervision. I can imagine the joy of working on printing important material and how good it must have felt to live on little and create so much. Hurrah, Joel and Diane and all you supporters and collaborators..   You've invented a wonderful life.

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