Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Coulrophobia and Cascadia's model city

Back before August, Cascadia Artpost and Mail art Martha teamed up for their celebration for Clown week: August 1-7 by inviting all of us to send clowns to them. You can see more here:

Not only did they collect lots of mail art from what looks like (without counting) more than 125 mail artists. By sending my clown in, I got a fancy booklet with everyone's names and addresses as well as a history of the project and a visual snapshot of life in the tiny town of Cascadia - 'a near-future representation of  small city in Cascadia 1:87'.  Two of the nine pages included below).

Great project and fabulous documentation.  Thank you Mail Art Martha and Cascadia Artpost!


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  1. Rebecca so grateful for your glowing report.It is a documentation in itself.