Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The cultivated fields and ga of Asemic Front

Inspect the postmark and that will say it all. Before that, I got a message asking if I wanted to take part. Of course I do, but when? It's great that DVS gives me an elastic timeline. But perhaps that is why this has drifted.  I posted these a while ago but I wanted to remind everyone that I have them!

In a way it's good that I have not tried to respond immediately.  I am out of my depth, a feeling I love, but my first response would probably have been to look at what everyone else was doing and to respond with what I thought I should do.  Instead, when I finally get around to embarking on this, I should have embodied it in a way that will keep me from over-thinking it that will come from some other place than thinking.  Overthinking is something DVS has observed that I have a tendency to do… He can't have known I would be so swamped for so long, but it's worked out well, I think.

This is DVS' project, and I am delighted to have received these Asemic Front starters. They appeal to my sense of colour, history, multiculturalism, line, shape and that elispsis thing. I am in a very figurative place right now.  I haven't got my iron out in weeks and weeks.  Either that means I am chomping at my abstract bit, or it means I will struggle to think asemicly. I want to read the pictures - that's probably a bad sign, a bad idea. 

The thing is, I will respond and it should be reasonably soon, I hope. Huge thanks and so pleased to be part of it.  Hope I'm not holding anything up! And if anything will move me to action, it's these inspiring beginnings.

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