Thursday, November 2, 2017

Making Mail Art Around Coves and Rocks

This year I have travelled to Scottish islands twice and the inspiration of places like the Old Man of Hoy continue to delight me, so when I opened Herman's latest mail art, it was the folded collage that had me enraptured. I love the way he echoes the loose chipping in the marbled paper and decorative trim. These conjoined assembled homages to postcards take me to a simpler world where we all had little instamatics strapped to our necks and bought rock while entertaining ourselves collecting shells on the sand.

My cotillion days (even though I never had them) are behind me.  But I would have chosen something like the velvet dress on Herman's envelope.  I love the feel and shimmer of velvet! And look at the colour in this vintage advert!

This looks like Cornwall.  Both picutres seem to be from the south coast and remind me of happy days spent with our son when he lived down there and we'd walk. But while the scenes are beautiful, there is also something trepidatious about them, or difficult, surely, and perhaps that was what Herman was thinking of.  Or more likely he is looking at the gesture of the wall and the streaks in the marbeled paper.  Beautiful shapes and movement!

 Towers and windmills stand and spin, breaking through our view, cutting up the space. Hieroglyphics of the air - something like the psalms below that make a pattern.

I don't always include personal notes in my blog, but I thought I should give a nod to the other side of mail art, the sending out into the void and often not getting any feedback part.  The act that we are driven to do, to make and to mail without promise of reward. Please continue Herman.  Every time one of you envelopes arrives in my postbox I dance a little jig and begin thinking about a reply.  Lately I have been swamped, but one day a response (beyond these words) will come.

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