Wednesday, November 15, 2017

It's Halloween and truth is scarier than fiction

I haven't dressed up in a few years for Halloween.  we live at the end of a spooky lane with hedges on both sides.  The kids just don't come to our door. Joel evokes the magical, scary world of the other worldly to help up see the evil that coexists in our lives. He brings the dressing up boxes of our imaginations to life, with the help of Thomas Kerr.

There's a programe on BBC radio 4  called 'Only Artists'.  The idea of the programme bugs me.  It is a conversation between ONLY ARTISTS, as if they are removed from the rest of us, as though they are divine, but I have to admit to actually liking most of the episodes I have heard.  They have had political cartoonists in conversation twice lately.  Today they were talking about the value of satirising politicians as a way of engaging the common man in dialogue,. 

Joel is always engaging me in dialogue with a few images, some stamps and stickers, and he and Thomas find unique ways to say alot about the state of the world. Halloween is a prime time to make our fears visual in iconic ways.

Another thing Joel does is sends me hand-picked clippings.  What with the Weinstein story, Joel has found an op ed that helps me to see how most women live in a constant state of anxiety.  Everyday is halloween for women.  We imagine ghouls and shadows because although the really terrible thing hasn't happened yet, or happened a long time ago, maybe this time it's our turn…

I am delighted to be on Joel's Halloween mailing list, even if it gives me bad dreams tonight.

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