Sunday, September 24, 2017

Vertical stories - from another Universe

Since I learned to read, I have assumed that symbols are to be read, receiving mail art from Marie challenges this tenet. She does this in an unambiguous way.  In a way that creates certainty even though it's make believe.  That is Marie's magic touch. 

Marie asks me to bring my imagination to her sythesis of text and imagery.  To read her story.  I wonder if I concentrate hard enough whether I will be able to hear words, whether she can send me a telepathic message.  I wonder if it would be in Japanese or French or English. Would I miraculously understand?

The first card is my determination.  The second is the right way to proceed, playfully in a fetching outfit.

 The first time I read Marie's note I read VERTIGO.  I am not sure what she means, perhaps you do.  I get vertigo when I look at Marie's work. It is just so other-worldly and so perfect.

I've had Marie's letter for a few a weeks.  I can't tell you how excited I was to receive mail art from Marie… I didn't open it until earlier today. Today was a drawing day, so I put Marie's letter in my still life and drew, it lives in many universes! 

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  1. Thank you Rebecca! You are so kind to put up a blog post for such a small mail. Your blog is ever so beautiful! XXxxx