Monday, September 11, 2017

Hair we go, comments of culture from Sticker Dude

This card is about the size of a board game card - they are wonderfully robust. It gets me thinking about the sort of game Joel could concoct to teach us something about how culture is heading in a direction, well, a direction.

Carrying on the idea of a game, Joel's fake monoploy money has some wonderful additions that get me thinking. Who needs a 100 dollar bill - a pile of dosh? Is Joel saying that we are all sheep buying into this capitalist trap? Wealth built on international money? 

 Hair we go!

 It's time to play musical statues, dodge the nuke, maybe, well hopefully not.

And lucky me, I can add and pass this couch potato stuck in tv land on to the next mail artist, probably too busy licking stamps to slump on the sofa.  Thanks as ever Joel.

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  1. thank you rebecca view bring out the best screaming screen in me...