Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Summer 2017- Tiina from Finland

Receiving mail art lets my brain think sideways.  For example, I wonder… In Finland does summer mean fresh fruit on some kind of cakey custard pie.  Could it be  variation on the : 

Mustikkapiirakka – Finnish Blueberry Pie, 

(apparently one of the ten best Finnish deserts).  Do they grow blueberries in Finland? The reason I think Tiina is teaching me something about Finland is the flipside of her post.  She has a Telkkä and it says Summer 2017. Did Tina see a goldeneye?  Did she sketch on the spot? Are they common in Finland?  Does Tiina love birds?

The answers don't really matter.  As I hold her mail art and look at it, I am communing across continents, slowing down and enjoying her mail art., understanding her beautiful world a little bit.

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