Thursday, September 21, 2017

Tofu recalls colour

 Oh TOFU, I feel so badly that I misplaced your mail art and it has been languishing (incidentally) unloved for these months, especially when it is a subject so close to my heart!  I have been making journals in schools with children this week and one of their topics was all about me. I always try and respond with a journal to their topic in some 'meaningful and honest way' before I go in, to get thinking like them.  One of my mini-books was about colours I love. They would have loved your paint chips!

As I look up at your 70s colour recall, I get it, but I would certainly need an orangey brown leather sofa colour with some acrylic paint that I accidently painted on it.  I have blocked what the paint colour was, but I can see the colour of leather.  It is chilling! I'll bet my mother knows.

In the 90s we lived in Rome and I did all that sponging of walls.  It really was a 90s thing. The first thing I'm doing when I finish this post is to photocopy lots of your color recall sheets.  I am gonna love doing this!  Thank you.


  1. Ha! Brutalist College Concrete. I can relate to that — texture, inclusions and all. I spent too many years looking at those walls; both outside and inside the classrooms. Must be a California colleges thing.