Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Let them Sing Cake - Opus 52 - Jude Weirmeir

I haven't had mail from Jude in a while.  Jude hasn't had a portion of his quota of mail from me lately so I am doubly happy to get this rather delightful musical notion. Look at the top left stamp-like image of singing cake! It's such an oxymoron what he's trying to get me to, to take a perfectly good cake and get it printed onto so that I can sing over it.  In my opinion singing is even more suspect than blowing out candles when your talking about germs.  Look at the gusto that guy is singing with and then you analyse the hoops he wants me to jump through while singing. 'Using a stright stick the length of the keyboard sound all keys together'. REALLY? I won't even go into the fecal oral issue.

Still it's a great concept and a pretty score!  Thank you Jude, as ever.

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