Saturday, June 10, 2017

Enormous Fins in a world of sharks

Not long ago I found a haul of romance magazines at a charity shop and repurposed pages to make some trash books. I sent those off to a few people and got stuff back, etc.  David and I are sending stuff back and forth.  He suggests that I repurpose it but I am an archiver. These ideas are important and even if the net gain and loss is nothing, at least we are sharing our stuff!

David's langauge reminds me of those romance magazines. Oh to be lost in one of those rather than to be in this odd twilight zone of politics. The president is back on building infrastructure.  David and I are building bridges of stuff across 'the pond', physically and woth our imaginations.

The thing about Mad Men and LA is you can park a car like that on the beach and the water really was that blue. Great stuff!

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