Sunday, June 4, 2017

Happy Hour with Tina Kainulainen

Since last night at 10:30 when I looked at my iPad before heading up to bed, all kinds of ugly images has been circulating. I use words like 'incident' with alarming frequency, these days.  London Bridge. Borough Market.  Places I go. 

So, it is great to get this opportunity for optimism in Tina's mailing! I still have some add a pass stuff I keep meaning to get to, so it could be some time before these get returned, but I promise to think good thoughts while I make them! Thank you Tina, and I will be mailing the clown onto Mailart Martha tomorrow! 


  1. Hi Rebecca. I am so glad my mail art cheered you up :). Hope that the news get better bit by bit. I believe if we add to the good, we can turn things around. Slowly. Hugs. (Tiina with "two eyes", so two i's. It is a bit tricky that we write it like that here. ;) )

  2. I linked to your post from my blog. <3