Sunday, June 4, 2017

Poetry and dance of the stamps, Herman Kamphuis

Always a delight to receive Herkalux' unique collage / drawings. Here on the one side he draws around the head of Heinrich Heine who I had to look up, (which is really quite appalling).  Heine was quite a guy! A poet, whose words were set to music by some of the great musicians: Schuman, Schubert, Brahms, Mendelssohn,  Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Wagner, etc…
A mistress stood by the sea
sighing long and anxiously.
She was so deeply stirred
By the setting sun 

Herman's imagery has added to the story, did he Heine have visitations in the night? Was he a gardener? He has appeared on stamps. There is an echo of colours used later in the collection of this mailing.  Herman's compostion is sublime. And the way he puts together a mailing in wonderfully thoughtful. The stamps are dancing to the music. 
With caligraphy and two pens Herman creates his own poetry and shares the romantic style that Heine was famous for.
Leicester and Amsterdam have been twinned as have the children on the other side.  There is a dialogue going on. Fabulous as ever! 

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