Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Taidgh is back!

 So it's obvious when you get a Taidgh mailing.  I think I might have given a little whoop when I found it in my post box. Lots of Taidgh's creature people seem to be whooping, so I was in good company! 

On the other side of this sunny card below was some news from Taidgh. He seems to be dipping his toes in the mail art water again after a long absence. We have missed him and I for one welcome him back with enthusiasm! Having said that, it is a little embarrassing that it has taken me since mid MAY to reply! What can I say except that in dribs and drabs, I am back too!

 Taidgh sent me these 25 sheets of this fun writing paper and I think it is definately earmarked for DKULT creations, so I will be sending some out to my fellow kulters begging forgiveness for abandoning the mansion for a wee time. My latest excuse revolves around climbing into 5,000 year old brochs and cairns on Orkney.

 Great to get some deliciously stale news from Ireland too… the better to trashpo with, I reckon.

 But Taidgh's poem is the centrepiece of this mailing.  WOW. So much mouth candy and visual emotion.

and A beautiful folded A4 zine (by Marlee Norr, I think) featuring one of our other favourite writers!

Huge thanks and I'll be sending you a souvenir from Orkney soon.


  1. There better be one waiting for me at the p.o. box too.

    1. a decorated envie from Taidgh or a souvenir from Orkney? I have something of your to blog too! It's in my clam shell :)

  2. There better be one waiting for me at the p.o. box too.