Thursday, July 13, 2017

Cascadia and I have the same idea of a creepy clown

I have had this postcard on my desk ever since it arrived quite a long time ago. I sent a clown to mail art martha and intended to send one back to Cascadia Art Post but to be honest, this card says everything I might have said anyway.

I may have told you before that I went on BOZO the clown when I was a kid.  It was on my birthday so I got to blow kisses to the audience and emerge from some object. I must have liked BOZO but I can't remember and it baffles me if I did. I know I hated going to birthday parties with clowns.

Then about ten years ago I worked with a clown named Ken and together we transformed the way I was teaching a year eleven class.  Boy was he smart and edgy and uncomfortable so my ideas about clowns changed.  But let me tell you, this clown. What a BOZO and it is certainly no joke!  Thank you Cascadia.  As ever you did that thing that mail art can do so well!  CHECK OUT THE STAMPS!

Below what I sent to Martha and a link to the other clowns!

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