Saturday, July 22, 2017

Asemic Front starters

 Horrified to see that DVS made these and mailed them out to me straightaway and I am only now acknowledging them! I showed them to people at my Open Studio and these starters caused quite a stir!

Some of you may not know that I got a surprise honour/award in mid June and since then my time has been carved up a little more and it seems as if time is at a perpertual tipping point.  It's all great, but I simply can't fit everything in a day or a week or a month so I'm getting more and more behind. I refuse to feel stressed about mail art and I am supremely reliable, so I trust it will all work itself out but it is Saturday night at 9:19 amd I'm tw months behind and I need to go and start the plum chutney because I already pitted the plums… etc.

This mailing from DVS is exciting and daunting, a bit like the New English Art Club Drawing Scholarship. I am out of my comfort zone but will have a go and hopefully once I'm in the corner something will happen. The starters are inspiring.  I've placed them around my studio and will let my brain do some of the backgorund intuitive thinking for a while and then…
Thanks DVS. They won't be in your mailbox for a little while, yet.

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