Friday, March 24, 2017

Tiny, fat envelope with haptic stuff from DK

I finished a big painting thing today and don't know what to do next yet.  Whoopee, a window for mail art and a corresponding weekend to match! I have an enormous backlog of people to send out to….

As I look at the contents of DK's envelope, spilled out onto my scanner I want to get my drawing materials out because the colours, the shapes, the marks, the tactile quality of all this stuff could keep me amused for a while. Many thanks Diane and hope Mason had a fab 19th! I like the Walt Whitman quote, in particular!

1 comment:

  1. the paint chip was created by spray paint build up on a stencil!! I thought it looked cool. Glad you liked it. Mase had a great day. Also, Mason doodled the unicycle guy and Lili is my go to doodler. She does all the intricate designs. I hear you about the backlog, but I try not to feel pressured because when it stops being fun, well it stops being fun!! xoxoxooxox