Saturday, March 4, 2017

Oogsttijd in Suffolk and the Man with a Bat in his Bonnet

I for one have felt like I've had a bat in my bonnet ever since the innauguration.  Patrick can testify to my obsession with Twitter and sharing news from a range of sources to try to make sense of this crazy world I live in.  Herman and I seen to be aligned on this. Herman's use of collage and drawing here creates a perfect portrait of our global angst, or horror, perhaps.  Every day is halloween.

No wonder Herman returns to the romantic visions of rural England in his beautiful envelope. I've been in London lots lately and it has mostly been rainy, bleaker than this view of the Thames, but there is a pent up energy suggested in this that I recognise. 
And as for Oogsttijd (Harvest, not the name of this fetching lassie) I can only wonder if her straw is up on our roof… The range of papers that frame this envie is gorgeous!

Ludwig Rottenberg and his wonderful moustache seems to be nestled in the collaged paper that Herman has assembled.  It's amazing what an overlapped piece of paper can do to the perspective! And Yes, music is some form of salvation from the chaos of life. I'd better start paddling my porpoise instead of retweeting!

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