Friday, March 17, 2017

Among Tofu's many talents, he is a plein air painter. And like me, painting is a form of solace for him, not so much a tool for protest. Politics is distracting and feels like a world with the volume turned way up, at the moment. I must admit to giving into the rage and the desperation, and am not as focused as Tofu, I guess.  Still I admire the way he is foing into the woods to sample the colour and describe what he sees and then… to send them out to people like me! 

Take a Hike - ATC - Series Muir Woods National Monument
When I lived in the Bay Area, 30 something years ago, I travelled to Muir Woods and this image of Tofu's evokes the spirit of the space!  Thank you Tofu for helping me to time travel!
Take a Hike - ATC - Series Tennessee Valley GGNRA
Tofu's quality of light is fabulous!  I love this project and I want to make some ATCs of england to send back!

B Sides
Huge thanks, as ever, Tofu!

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