Saturday, March 18, 2017

A glimpse of the documentation CFE

The Sticker Dude's CFE project has come full circle and he's done a brilliant job of dcoumenting the responses he received back.  There were  38 (I think I counted that correctly) participants and JOel has included their CFEs, reduced to two on an A5 page. Not one of the people in Joel's documentation listed me as a correspondent, though.  I mailed out ten or so CFEs but my group doesn't seem to have replied, or included me! NO WORRIES, I get mail and send mail from plenty of people and this is supposed to be an enhancer, not a downer! Great stamps, by the way from Tulio REstrepo n the cover of the documentation.

At the moment Vizma has a thread on FB about the guilt of not sending out mail and I for one succomb to that some of the time, wonderful correspondents are each thoroughly appreciated and I hope they know that although I don't seem to send out so much mail art these day, I will again and value each letter I get enormously.  It's a life and it's great to be here with you all in the eternal network!

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