Thursday, October 6, 2016

The puzzle of American Agast - Sticker Dude

Joel has packed this mailing with politics, life lessons, connundrums and as ever, beautiful stamps and stickers!  The bonus is that opened this letter today, on International Poetry Day to find a wonderful poem by Mary Oliver. It's funny, I have two unsaved files on my computer of other Mary Oliver poems that I copied today to share with students.  As ever, we seem to be thinking about the same sorts of things from across the Atlantic.

I heard a UK newscaster say that Trump is losing momentum.  Still I think it's best for us to remain aghast/ against this angry buffoon and as ever, Thomas Kerr has captured the spirit of our mortification that this man is in the race. Three oversees votes coming at you for the state of Maine from this family!

 Great to see this sticker in collaboration with my mail art friend, Amy Irwin!

I've worked it out.  Can you?

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