Monday, October 17, 2016

Phatt Kayke - Meeow

 So much of what goes on online is a mystery to me.  I am quite tech savy, but I miss the nuance of some of the activities. So joining Phatt Kayke was one of those 'it's DK, OK, click yes' and then I forgot about it.  I'm not even sure I went to the FB page until today!

I guess being a member of Phatt Kayke is joining a cat appreciation club. We had cats once.  We found them in the basement window area.  There were two kittens.  We called them 'moon' and 'shot' because some men had just gone into space. Otherwise, cats don't feature in my life.  But I am impressed with Diane's marketing material and her crowd funder is wild.

morph material

Amazing stickers! My own TIGER LILY magnet!

This is TOO COOL!

What's good about getting unexpected mail is that it will send me in a direction I couldn't imagine going in: Cat mail here I come!


  1. thanks for blogging. Phatt Kaykes' message has little to do with being a cat. She says, "I am an entrepreneur and freedom fighter first, and a cat second. I don't want people to just see me as that cat that happens to be very political and pushes against boundaries. I represent all the average people, animals, things, etc. I am famous just for that!! being average!!! I may be average and that's okay! " Her page was created and managed by Willow Keys. She is also PK's agent.

  2. Brilliant! What we need are more young caring activists, cats or dogs or teenage girls are all good. Should I reply to DK or Willow Keys?