Thursday, October 13, 2016

Celebration of the note pad, among other things...

I thought I'd celebrate the exceptional news that Bob Dylan has won the Nobel Prize for Literature with some mail art from Joel Cohen, AKA sticker dude, but also apparently nimble note pad maker! To begin with, I found a beautifully stickered and stamped envelope front mostly on the travel theme.  But don't miss the THE EVOLUTION OF ART sticker - a collab between Joel and Vittore Baroni.  On the back we have a DYLAN quote, and some social commentary, all aesthetically placed for maximum impact!

Below is a letter from Joel explaining athe provenance of the selection of note pad pages he incuded in my mailing!

I purposefully scanned a few of the backs so you could see that many of the illustrations are by Thomas Kerr. These are great! There is lots of fun wisdom, some stunning art and more revelations about Joel.  I love the fact that his desk is heaving under the weight of his collections of stuff.  The big propensity page is on metalic grey pearly paper! My life is one big propensity, so that one really grabs me. The dead page has a dead stamp on the back.  There's so much thought and sharing in everything Joel does! Many, many thanks and I mailed in my absentee ballot.  I must get the additional Trump stickers out to delight the postman and my mail art buddies.


  1. Joel Cohen has been a unique artist/performer/printer/activist for the 35 years I have known him. For various social justice movements over the decades, he has printed stickers, pads, buttons, posters, hats, t-shirts, booklets, flyers, etc., for free or low cost, availing to the protest community his special talents as a printer who uses everything/wastes nothing/gets full mileage out of all resources, enabling a greater outreach than typically possible for low-budget dissent.