Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Issue 93 - in four parts - (it's all in the data) Jude Weirmeir

They say the arts and science are related and can result in collaborative masterpieces. Musical mathematicians, Painterly Pediatric Surgeons… Jude is systematizing his life in four parts and I suspect he sees this as a musical score that he can play or sing. I can even imagine some of the sounds the words in this first part serialize your life! I think the sound 'WAKE UP' would have a different timbre to 'WORK', for example. The fact that each box is the same size and the type is uniform (not bold, or narrow) does not mean the length or the volume would be similar. There are some mysteries... Not sure what noisrevni edargorter is!

In this one Jude is more specific.  Before I turned over and read the instructions, I had a vague idea what Jude might intend.  Jude's subscription Opus' are demystifying composing for me.  My musical development feels similar to when I realised that I 'owned' the reading of a poem when I read it. I think Jude writes music the way I do a drawing.  These are curious exercises that capture imagination, and may be worked up into something bigger.  and sometimes, these little gems stand on their own.  The spiral matrix feels a bit like when I get lost in my drawing and momentarily don't believe I know how to escape, or complete.

Look around and everything you see reveals itself to you in the context of your imagination and ideas.  Jude's beans, with their unique complexions and shape have a variety that is exciting. How can we use them to make our 'music' or our art.  Pehrpas move them around, squich them, roll them in your hands, sort them, click them, print with them...

And this one makes me feel the way the crossword does on some mornings.  Or like the stuff I write on the whiteboard for the ESOL speakers whose first language is arabic must feel to them. There's some kind of puzzle but it will take effort and if I give in and give up, I'm not as smart as I feel sometimes and if I spend all evening working it out I'm not sure that's the best use of my time.  I suspect this is music of a busy, crowded city full of bright young things.

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