Monday, November 16, 2015

It's what's inside that counts - Jay Block

Inside this inviting, whimsical and yet ever so slightly unremarkable envelope - it makes me hungry for jelly beans -  is something equally whimsical, but quite original, stunningly beautful, and salient! This takes me to a sculpture park, and invites me to look through and to inhabit a space in a personal and yet universal way. I consider the outside and realise that a chair can frame the landscape in its own specific and beautiful way, allowing its viewer to see the world differently. What is Jay telling me? 

The cut out is Picasso's Women of Alger, Version ''O''.1955, one of 12 that Picasso made (possibly) as a form of propoganda in a politically fragile moment:  Jay has put the body parts into even more unnatural poses as he's cut out a piece of Picasso's image. The landscape behind, a still life, not sure who the artist is but like,  is sculptural in a different way and it's brooding and mysterious. The two together inhabit an uncomfortable but symbiotic existence.

In light of the recent chaos in Paris, I will choose to interpret this missive from Jay as a reminder for tolerance and a hope for peace in an uncertain and volatile time. Three cheers for Jay Block's pop-up-life-landscape!

Light shines around the door.

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