Sunday, November 15, 2015

Aristide 3108 honours Noriko with serie DB - 37specimens

Aristide 3108 looks for the stories behind the mail art and brings them to our attention, through ENCARTED.  This time it is the turn of Noriko, Ryosuke Cohen's partner, to take the spotlight.  The card (with Noriko's profile?) is wonderfully haptic.  I think Aristide 3108 has painted a sticker, or perhaps it is an inked, recycled, adhered braincell, cut into a profile, and the result is a 'fractal face portrait.'  

Ryosuke and Noriko travelled to Europe, meeting up with mail artists so that Ryosuke could create a fractal portrait of his own this summer and Aristide 3108 is paying tribute to this visit. As ever, I am delighted to be included in the mailing. 

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