Saturday, November 21, 2015

Herman Kamphuis portraits: dancers, readers, thinkers, dreamers and beauties

(Envelope inside of envelope)

(Other side of envelope)

I love Herman's light touch political vispo.  He is mark making with skin colour, comparing legs to scarves, juxtaposing characters in ways that make me think, consider and conclude how natural it is to understand equality! after looking at Herman's collage, it becomes obvious to understand how essential variety is in creating a well balanced and satisfying whole. Herman makes me think, smile, and delight in his aesthetic collection and collage.

5 x 8 ink on paper
5 x 8 ink on paper

A month or two ago I made a collab boekie with drawings begun by Herman and added to by me and Carina Granlund.  Carina wrote a story around the imagery and when I got it back I hand coloured it digitally. I hope I sent one to Herman… if I didn't I need to!

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Herman gathers paper for his collage from markets.  He refashions them in ways that give them stories and a new identity. Every aspect of Herman's stuffed envelopes are thoughtfully composed.
back of above
'The Dreamer, not a self portrait, but could easily be'
I am always so happy to get mail from Herman and like most of my correspondents I have never met him.  So when he tells me that this isn't a self portrait but that it could be, I begin to imagine him in more detail.  For me, the mail seeds my imagination and enlarges my connectedness, real or perceived.

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