Saturday, November 21, 2015

Cleo's moving in time

The timeless butterscotch of a Cleo envelope arrived in my postbox more than a week ago. I am still limping along with my mail art and that's the only reason I have taken so long to post it for you all to enjoy! The baggage tag on the envelope makes me say the word, 'shuffleboard'.  I have never even seen the game played but it's a word my father said and I think my grandmother played it. I'm sure someone from Grand View played shuffleboard once in the lapses of time.

The next thing I feel like doing is to fetch a big atlas, to open its musty pages and to find Wernersville.  Somehow Wernersville I can't believe it exists on Google maps.  It belongs on a dog-eared page of an atlas.

Claire has approached this project with forensic care.  Her appreciation for the context of what I imagine is her new home is palpable and generous.  The imagery is exotic in its nostalgia.

I can see as I lift back the corner of Cleo's card that inside is Cleo's studio.  I can't bear to tear the 'Our New Home' tape, it won't wiggle off, but it looks extraordinary!

Below I think I have damaged a gathering… I didn't mean to but you never really know how far to unwrap.  It's all exquisite and hugely appreciated!


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  2. Ah Rebecca, I do love your words - thank you!

    That's washi tape, so you should be able to peel it up - just peel up an end with your fingernail

    The stapled "Trashpo Gatherings" are free-form collages. They are meant to be left as they are, but if the receiver wants the scraps, they are of course free to destroy... %_^
    Thanks again for your great blog!