Sunday, November 29, 2015

banana mail art with paraphernalia from Heleen

Banana appreciation day was on the 18th of November.  I'm never sure if these dates are exact but what I do know is that when the bananas start arriving it is always amusing.  This contraption from Heleen in Holland is USEFUL mail art.  It snaps into place and I can place my banana in its 'guard' and protect it from the slings and arrows of, say, a day at a primary school. 

I got two mailings from Heleen and this one is mail ART. I love the combo of mail art and zentangle with a recycled banana label added to enliven the image. The stamp effect is perfect too.  I couldn't help myself and made a sheet of Heleen's stamps to use myself.  Feel free to use them yourself! My banana is your banana, isn't that right, Heleen!

I am starting to catch up on all the life tasks I have been swamped by and finally made my banana mail today, so once i address it, it will be outward bound. Thanks Heleen!
You can find Heleen at:

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