Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Oscar Kiwifruits - Miguel Zavaroff

Everytime I look at this postcard I see something I missed before. At first there is the superficial read, a foxy religious zealot with an intersting chin.  A little later I see a kneeling figure and the zealot's lips are placed interestingly. A kiwi nose — I took the kiwi conotation from the sticker, probably randomly affixed , with the bony structure actually a clothes peg.  I'm workng with seven year olds tomorrow and they would LOVE this. It is playful, wacky and full of character! That bug is the star of the piece, though. The zealot's eyes are transfixed on the but, I feel a pilates stretch across the page.  the legs, the bug the cross in magnetic peace and discord. 

Many thanks!