Tuesday, March 31, 2015

#27 and banana consolation - Phillip Lerche, Ohio

This Saturday some of my fusepo, (stitched fused plastic) and painted paper collages go on display at a local gallery.  The exhibitions at the gallery are themed and this one is called: COLOUR AND CONTEMPLATE.  I bring this up,  not for shameless self-promotion, but because this envelope from Phillip Lerche is  colourful collection of mail art that would fit right in with the theme!  #27 is the horizontal red light print. The top image is a digitally altered collage that Phillip made. (I am not sure which way is up, but it looks great from all angles).Tthe banana stamp is a consolation prize.  I usually take part in banana mailings but this time I wasn't informed, so missed out.  Big hearted Phillip is trying to make me feel better! Philllip has also included some kind words, which I always appreciate! Thank you. 

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  1. Thanks for blogging my envelope & contents. You are correct, there is no right way up for the hexagons. Glad it all made it, as I noticed a wee bit of the address has rubbed off.