Monday, March 16, 2015

Herman Kamphuis' ' Blondona Brunetta', timeless beauty and a few doodles

Herman Kamphuis and I always include a little correspondence in our mail art.  I wrote something in a previous correspodence that (because I used an idiom) was lost in translation and now that we have worked out the mix up he has responded by sending me all this wonderful stuff and more kind words!

I wonder if Herman wants to make a colab doodle book with Diane and me, his drawings drip with character! I intend to print out some of that fine paper above and use it in my own collages! I wonder where he found it...  Herman's paper is always so special. The way he wraps his treasures is also unique.  The inside envelope )top image) held the Blondona brunetta collage. So much material to come back to to make stories with!  Thank you Herman!

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