Thursday, March 26, 2015

DKULT Fan Club fanzine, Borderline Grafix

So much to consider here about life, lifestyle, scientific breakthroughs, cautionary tales and instruction for success as a DKULTer. I am encouraged that so many wonderful happenings are taking place in the promise(dkult) land. 

I am concerned that one of the genetically modified mammals has escaped, though (were they relocated to local Cambridge laboratories?) Just yesterday I was disturbed by our dog, LYRA, who was barking obstreperously at the horizon.  On careful inspection I realised there was a stationary rat on the grass. I got very close, while trying to ascertain why the rat was not running away.  It looked remarkably like the specimen in my DKULT fanzine, although it may have been a bit rounder, heavier, can you call a rat fat without causing insult? 

Luckily the rat eventually moved, I missed its escape...Lyra stopped barking and I was able to return to my work. But if this is 'said' rat perhaps the engineering is not quite right?

Many thanks for BG. My copy is already quite well thumbed!

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