Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Original Tree Poems - Marie Wintzer

I can pick out a Marie Wintzer envelope from across a room, from a corner under a stack of mail… Marie has a style that is unique. and yet this envelope has some echoes of her friends, I sense Vizma in the stamps and tape and Carina in the characters and yet it is wholehearedly Marie.  The refashioned vispo of the flower parachutist is wonderful!

One of the stamps that I should bring to your attention is that is marie's non-mail art website. In case you don't know, Marie makes artist books and  writes poets; she makes books of arresting originality, her photos are exquisite and her poetry affecting.  So, you can imagine how I felt when I opened the envelope and discovered the original pages of her recent 'Tree Poems'.  Aren't poets and artists meant to save (or sell) those originals?

Marie sent me a little letter too, in it she told me she had decided to free the original tree poems, so sent them TO ME.

The poems are on what I imagine to be daily scraps.  I guess they are trashpo in their own way. 

If you want to read the poems in order  (I muddled them up when I created the display) you can find them here:
Or you can download the book from scribd.

Marie has been traveling with work, to DC this time, where she must have been to the postal museum, because she picked up some freebies that she enclosed in the envelope.

Lots to read, look at and think about here and I love the image of attempting to grow a forest on quicksand! Many many thanks, Marie!


  1. Rebecca-thanks for posting this generous gift from Marie. I've downloaded the book and look forward to reading the poems.

  2. Thank you for visiting Scribd and downloading, Carmela! (and for the comment on my blog, which is how I landed on those pages this morning). That makes me very happy. And Rebecca, your blogs are ever so wonderful and generous and it lights up my day to read what you write. A big giant thank you!!

  3. Great to see you both here! Marie, I only ever write what I feel! I am very honoured by this gift. You've had plenty of likes on FB too.