Friday, December 5, 2014

Nina Hermus sends 'a lucky dip' of dutch mail art

Not sure, but think this is not Ritual mail art, although the ritual of chain letters is an established ritual! Along with the exciting contents I have photographed is a letter with addresses and the request that I send out mail art to TEN people. I will try… but can't promise anything as generous as all that Nina included! Wonderful stamps to use, dutch motifs in PLASTIC as well as two beautiful books., one on the subject of stamps and the other a whimsical and romatic garden of delights!

Many thanks Nina!

1 comment:

  1. So happy, that you have received it and like it. The chain letter can be duplicated 10 times, with also your name on it. And then be a part of something you send out. No rush. I haven't send all of them, but will in the near future. These are the exciting things you get through your mail box when you are part of IUOMA :-)