Wednesday, December 10, 2014

ENCARTED - four lines become lifelines - Aristide 3108

If you have never recieved a piece from Aristide 3108 you won't know that there are layers to them.  first they are conceptual in thought but they are also beautiful to hold and to study. They are familiar because (perhaps) they exist around the ATC format, but each is very original and has design wrapped around it. Aristide's evelopes are created out of a piece of printed paper that related to the ATC, or the whole body of work in some way.  Soemtimes it seems to be an echo.

 Print is intentional.  some words are in caps and some are in colour. the repetition of form and sound add a dimension.
I hear poetry and see poetry.

This is an accordion with 24 pages.  What a crappy photo/scan!  I'm sure I took some others but can't locate them at this moment!  It is beautiful and the bodies, eovoked between the lines are all different and very expressive.

 I believe the words, hidden by the luscious colour, are words that we associate with lines, lignes.
The ATC, wrapped in the envelope inside the smaller envelope next to the book is (let's call it P12) is my hand coloured four lines.  Wonderful!


  1. This is artistide's reaction to my project 'what do you see in these four lines. He sent several copies out as I see. More details on how it start at: