Friday, December 5, 2014

Issue 56 Subscription Opus (Maze Music)- Jude Weirmer

Delighted to receive this beautiful and fascinating piece from Judith Weirmeir.  Unfolded, it measures 19 x 13 and is printed onto glossy card. It arrived folded (inside one of those 'we're sorry your mail has been damaged' bags.  Luckily, it hasn't been damaged!) 

Above is one side of the Judith's mail art.  It is silkscreened  (I think) and has that wonderful haptic feel of raised ink.Great colours, expressive text and variety!

Below is an intricate digital? drawing that features music, language, gestures and flowcharts. It is funny, whimsical and in places political! FABULOUS! You will need to spend some time with this piece to get even part of it.  Zoom in and enjoy!

I love the floppy but sturdy quality of this book and the way it can be read in many ways! I'm feeling lucky! Many thanks Judith!

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