Friday, December 12, 2014

Finn Badger's going bananas

I received a mass mainling from Finn Badger earlier in the week! I opened one and retreived a banana mailing from the bespoke envelope and proceded to get it attached to the sticky (very sticky) V of the envelope! See if you can see what i ruined…

The card I pulled out happened to be one without a name, so I had no idea who it was from, wondered if it were David Stafford, wondered if I'd forgotten one of the banana mailing people, and then discovered that Fin Badger had forgotten to sing his post…

He sent me this Wallace Stevens poem and what he called a 'bonus' envelope. Of course I LOVE Wallace Stevens.  I love snow too, but we haven;t had any yet in Battisford.

Fun, bold and graphic!  Many thanks Finn Badger.  I owe you a misadventure and a banana too!

1 comment:

  1. Glad everything made it. Initially I was just going to send one card, and got a bit carried away. I'm impressed you opened the envelope like that - I thought the adhesive strip would be too sticky to allow it. Looking forward to seeing your misadventure!