Thursday, April 3, 2014

Svenja Wahl care package arrive

Such a lot of inspiring stuff here!   The envelope shouted Svenja and I yodeled a hooray in return!  What a beauty! As I look I wonder if all of this should be filed in MSK.  Svenja's colour tends towards the organic, the monochrome, and then there's that sweater - definitely Kodachrome.  There is an equally garish one on the other side. And that deer is actually outlined in a hot pink, which subdues in the scanner. The thing is, I will show all the stuff I receive from now until June at the mail art exhibition, wherether I file it here or there, whether it meets the brief, or not. 

I love Svenja's mountaineers climbing on the wrinkle range. Can we find that place on the map?  Those expressions must be used, but I hate to change one thing in this wonderful care package! Many thanks Svenja.  I like it all!

You may know Svenja from her creature of the month.  Where is that these days?  You can find here here:

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