Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A library of Boekies from John M Bennett!

 John sent me three books and a postcard.  I have scanned them in their entirety and in order.  I will be taking them to bed with me tonight to read them again (and again). I have seen John's book from afar.  I am very excited to have my own copies to hold, and share.  I will be adding these books to my MSK mail art exhibition.  I don't know if that was John's intention, but I'm sure they will be admired.
I look forward to reading them aloud.  I suspect the sound of each is as special as the shapes of the graphics (words, images and asemics) on the page! Many thanks!

DRAINS - Jim Leftwich and John M Bennett

Postcard - la lumbre del futuro pasado

ififif - Diane Keys & John M Bennett

TRILCECITO - John M Bennett

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