Monday, April 28, 2014

MOBMA 1st entry: David Stafford

DAvid sent me this wonderful entry for MOBMA consideration.  Anticipating Gold, David's dog is doing a shuffle across the back of the envelope.  I have to agree with David: one minute your dog is a good dog, the next he's a bad dog. and I LOVE that Mobma has entered the realm of psychology.

Apparently this bad dog was the result of a splatter interpretation - of course it's a dog splatter David, of course it is. I can't decide if this bad dog has been raging around the fields chasing (and catching rabbits) like my lurcher, of if he went after someone else's bitch and paid for it...
Whatever, it's a great submission for MOBMA, and I appreciate that David is setting the bar really high, so I look forward to equally delightful submissions during my reign as judge!  Thanks also for ignoring all guidelines.  Rule breaking rules at Mobma.

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