Monday, April 28, 2014

TREASURE from Nancy Bell Scott

On Cranberry Island there are two boxes nestled in a protected place from my first Island Mail art show.  Nancy sent a piece for it and it was really hard not to quiety slip the piece into my personal folder.  I think about that piece often.  It is the sort of thing that is so genuine and so particulalry NANCY and for some silly reason it's there, not with me.

I suppose if I were DK I could whip one off - she's mastered the art of fake NBS, but I suspect it would go the way of me trying to impersonate an accent.  I just can't be anyone other than who I am.  Having said that, when I unwrapped these three treasures from NBS, I wished for quite a long time that I were NBS then I would be able to produce such perfection!The top piece is called " Never Let the Night Pass". Never let the night pass or else?  I suspect the rust will drip down and morph letters and words into shapes that you think you might almost be able to read but find you can't…

These are the definition of haptic.  Nancy's velum-like tissue paper (I think) places have asemic letters and scratched, peeled fields.  Here layers ripple in ambiguity.

I have to admit to having no favourite.  I share her obsession. I am certain that these are obsessive pieces.  That turquoise dot isn't an accident.  The painted tape and it's music note grape seeds are considered, never laboured but exacting. The man without Rax S.

I love every inch of every one of these treasures.  Nancy tells me I can use them for whatever - whichever show.  One thing is for sure, I won't be making the silly mistake of donating this to a museum.  These treasures need to be looked at again and again by me, and then maybe, over time I will become a bit more like NBS and make something this beautiful!

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  1. I love Nancy's art. Her pieces are so contemplative if that is the right word. I feel like I can see her process unfolding right before my eyes and it is warm, rich, complex, and engaging. So nice to see this blog post!