Friday, November 22, 2013

Handmade with love and humour - by Carina

 Finding the right image for an envelope is a skill that Carina definately has. Having never met, I wonder at her power to elicit an emotional response in a way that feels like not even trying. Just look at that young woman, yearning in her tropical paradise, so full of determination.  Does she know that is me in my past?  Does she know that I met the man of my dreams in just such a place?

Cutting tape is a pain.  But Carina cares enough to do it repeatedly and with such care, but not too much care… Boo is there to remind me that she's enjoying this process of wrapping her book and imagining my response!
THOSE XXXX what a loving touch and look at the way the green and the pink sing! Flip over the packet and you see where Carina got the idea from, or maybe she found the image after the idea.  Fabulous repetition of form, so much thought for someone she's never met!
You mail artists are changing me… I find myself wanting to use Carina's palette.  Just because you can't wear the colour doesn't mean it isn't perfect.
What Love is a poignant story of desire, longing, maybe waiting and possibly friendship. It's made from old magazines glued together to create a seemless history, complete with the patina of time.
I hate to put What Love away in its sleeve but it feels like the magic will grow if it goes back, sending lots of hope, joy, humour for all those people still looking.

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  1. You're right, every envelope (and content) feels like "she knows"...
    The love palette. Perfect for the official "I can paint well" sticker of the FPSW (Finnish Painting Studios Worldwide) WDSA branch.