Friday, March 22, 2019

Three cheers for Ticket! Ticket!

Some mail artists go crazy and create mammoth projects that require endless hours collating, creating, photographing, scanning, making!  Cascadia Artpost is one of those kinds of mail artists! This mailing is a stuffed envelope of collaborative stamps.  Cascadia asked for our tickets and ephemera and then he turned it all into stamps. For example, that red one on the front of the envelope is one of my tickets… from the Stowmarket beer festival, 2007.  I keep way too much stuff from life so was REALLY happy to send some of it away! I wonder whether that was the beer festival ticket from the time we took our eldest with some of his friends for their first taste of legal alcohol? Whatever, it was lots bigger and now it is immortalised. 

Go through these stamps carefully.  Get your magnifying glasses out and get a feel for what your mail artist friends do with their spare time!  Wow, so excited about this! THANK YOU Jack and happy birthday!

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